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Beauty products are available from many sources, but the best quality products are those carried at professional salons, like ours. Experience the difference by using the fine products we use everyday and make available for purchase by our clients. We can recommend just the right product to meet your beauty needs.

Rene' Delyn


Dermalogica is a precise, efficient skin care system that delivers maximum effect in minimum time. A simple, serious and unique program to give professional results without complicated, outdated rituals. Remarkably effective, Dermalogica is the most advanced treatment line ever developed.


TRENDLINE: Experience the Trendline styling range, Accentuate, Mold, Sculp, Define. Create your own personal freedom. Out of this world gloss, elasticity, and hold. Won't make your hair stiff or sticky.

DEFINITION: Consists of four complete care systems that can be used together (ie all of the Color & Highlights products) or intermixed(ie Shine & Vitality Shampoo and Dry & Porous Itensive Treatment) to suit your individual needs


Aveda is known for their organic, naturally derived ingredients that integrate wellness and beauty.  Products are created with care and respect, and a goal of the company is to show people how to treat themselves, each other and our planet with respect also.

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